Risk Game


Self portrait of an Entrepreneur


Founder & CEO of Time Equities, Inc.
with Rebecca Paley

  • “For Francis, buildings are not just real estate; through his diligence and determination,
    they are a chance to accomplish something truly important.” —Helmut Jahn, Architect, 50 West Street
  • “I have enormous respect for Francis’s willingness to stand alone, confident in his
    assessments and keen to withstand the pressures of consensus-driven inclination.
    His autobiography inspires us to do the same.”
    —Bob Wilmers, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, M&T Bank
  • “Francis is one of the most decisive people I know. He made a commitment to invest in our first
    venture capital fund in a five-minute cab we shared to work one morning.”
    —Fred Wilson, Co-Founder, Venture Capitalist, and Blogger, Union Square Ventures
  • “Watching the development of Art Omi must be like watching Francis develop a real
    estate project. Great independent vision, attention to detail, and love of all forms of discovery.
    It just works.” —Alan Fishman, Chairman, Ladder Capital and Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • “Francis Greenburger’s story is an inspiration to all.”—Congressman Jerry Nadler
  • “Francis Greenburger is deeply committed to civic engagement…[he] has helped moved change
    forward in innumerable ways.” —Senator Cory Booker
  • “It didn’t read like an autobiography or a biography…Vivid scenes and wonderful dialogue.”
    —Luke Rhinehart, author of The Dice Men


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